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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been revising my wip and have found something interesting about this process; at least as far as I am concerened.  I find it difficult to start where I left off.  I keep wanting to  start at the beginning and see if I want to make any other changes.  Is this only me or does everyone go through this experience.  It's frustrating because I never seem to make any headway.  Oh well onward, hopefully it won't take forever to finish.

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  1. I STILL go through this. I've come to the conclusion not to fight it, but to compromise. I start off a couple of chapters from where I left off. I don't really end up with a 'first draft' at the end of it all because it's already been through so much editing, and it takes me longer to finish the story, but that doesn't matter. The end product is better and it works for me. You've just got to do what works best for you!

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